Life is what you make it

America. Soon.

Still on the bus….. Omg this random lady took the microphone and is singing and I have to pee. But we have an hour left… Someone stop this. Please. Only one of my headphones work and I can’t block any of this out.

Just completely forgot about the time difference. What time is it in the us now? I mean I know it’s 5 hours behind here but lol math. On a bus with wifi… Bad wifi but its wifi. Trying to catch up on some YouTube but the wifi…

Homesick. And kind of sick.

When I get home I’m going to do an overhaul with the pictures I took from our trip, to summarize how awesome and beautiful Madeira is. yep



At the hotel . The only place with wifi is the lobby which sucks. Tired and blah. It’s almost 5pm here… I think…. And yeah none of us has gotten any sleep. The first plane was alright and the second was just horrible. But it’s beautiful here.

I didn’t know you took TWO planes jeeze get some rest then PARTYYYYY

yeah lol thought we were ganna die on the second one lol. woooo

Last night at the island, womp. We are heading to the airport at 3 tomorrow and we’re off to Portugal. I can almost hear the mosquito’s now. If anyone is thinking about visiting Madeira, i’ve got some places I can recommend going to. I also got tan, err my arms got tan and I also got sunburn on the back of my neck and a little on my arms.  It’s interesting and I have a nice tan line since I always wear a watch lol watch on no tan, watch off lol you can see how tan i actually got 


emmy backstage . los angeles . 2014


emmy backstage . los angeles . 2014